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What To Expect On a Outer Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard. Liveaboards to the Outer Great Barrier Reef will enable you to cruise through much of the 900 islands and 2900 reefs that it is made up of, on board a boat offering top class facilities for diving, relaxing and sailing. When anyone says they are diving in Australia, it's highly likely they'll be talking about the world heritage listed. Book a Great Barrier Reef small ship cruise for the ultimate exploration experience. As well as snorkeling, diving, canoeing and paddle boarding, the islands offer incredible nature-rich hiking. Watch huge ospreys hunt above the trees and snorkel with sea turtles just below the surface of the sea Liveaboard on Australia's Great Barrier Reef the World's largest Coral Reef covering over 350,000 square kilometres of the sea off the tropical North Queensland coast of Australia in the Coral Sea. The Great Barrier Reef is on in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, northeast Australia

Liveaboard divers will want to make a stop by Cod Hole where friendly potato cod greet divers. Ribbon Reefs is also a must-visit area of the Great Barrier Reef due to its amazing marine biodiversity. Liveaboards visiting the Great Barrier Reef are perfect for both beginners and advanced divers Liveaboard Snorkel Tours, Cairns Queensland, Australia Liveaboard Snorkel tours offer outstanding aquatic experiences Great Barrier Reef. Our selection of Australia's best liveaboard snorkel tours will have you snorkelling on pristine reefs on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.. Imagine a gentle breeze moving over crystal clear water out in the Pacific Ocean One day diving on The Great Barrier Reef is never enough, so join Pro Dive Cairns on a liveaboard dive trip, and spend three-days and two-nights exploring one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. You will visit a variety of outer Great Barrier Reef locations, all selected for their extravagance of marine life and excellent visibility Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most coveted locations and the opportunity to see wondrous sights is exceedingly high. More than 30 species of whale regularly pass through the area including humpbacks and minkes. Dolphins, turtles, sea snakes, sharks, rays and whale sharks are also common We offer scuba diving and snorkelling liveaboard tours on the Great Barrier Reef. Scuba divers, snorkelers and those who wish to stay on a floating hotel on the Great Barrier Reef can travel together with a Cairns liveaboard tour! Live and sleep on the reef and see it at its best - day and night

Australia liveaboard diving offers guests the chance to dive in famous areas like the Great Barrier Reef or Rowley Shoals. Between April and November humpback whales can be seen up and down the East coast. With amazing marine life and corals the diving in Australia will please all levels of diver Best Luxury Liveaboard: Spirit of Freedom. The World's Operator of the Year for 2015, the Spirit of Freedom whisks divers away in luxury to experience the boundless pleasures of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.. This luxurious boat boasts 6 types of cabins from an ocean view deluxe to a standard quad A bucket list destination, the Great Barrier Reef is best explored by liveaboard. Get ready to dive the outer reefs where you'll see sharks, mantas and more on the largest barrier reef in the world! On the northeast coast of Australia lies the Great Barrier Reef

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  1. Our liveaboard vessel OceanQuest is the ultimate overnight Great Barrier Reef experience. Set off from Cairns and spend your weekend exploring the best outer Great Barrier Reef dive sites aboard our floating accommodation, with snorkel, intro dive and certified dive options available.. Board the vessel in Cairns on Friday night in time for a delicious dinner, then wake up on the Great Barrier.
  2. Cairns liveaboard scuba diving expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef, Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea aboard world-class liveaboard 'Spoilsport' with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions from Cairns, Australia
  3. The Great Barrier Reef , GBR, is the biggest living thing in the world and the only living item that can be seen from space. At the same time the Great Barrier Reef is made up of over 3,000 individual reefs, 900 islands and another 150 inshore islands
  4. The Great Barrier Reef itself is huge, with endless diving spots to experience and discover. The most popular of which is the stunning city of Cairns, where the majority of liveaboards visiting the Great Barrier Reef start their voyage. Cairns Liveaboard Route. Liveaboard routes that start from Cairns usually include dive sites like Cod Hole.

Some liveaboard excursions last only a day or two, while others enable passengers to spend a week or even more exploring the Great Barrier Reef. It is not uncommon to see colourful tropical fish leaping alongside dolphins and whales beneath the searchlights of ships, but the reef's most outstanding sea creatures swim further below the surface Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef is included with all liveaboard tours and is a fantastic way to experience the incredible natural wonder for all ages and levels of experience. Assistance is offered to non-swimmers while experienced snorkelers are free to explore the vast diversity of marine life at every stage throughout the daytime, across various spectacular reef locations 7.30 am Board the boat 'Reef Experience' at Cairns Marlin Marina for check-in, breakfast and your journey to the Great Barrier Reef 8.00 am Welcome, safety talk and snorkel briefing.A Marine Biology Presentation during your journey. 9.30 am Water Session: Arrive at our first spectacular reef site and go snorkelling with vivid tropical fish amongst beautiful coral gardens

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  1. Choosing the Best Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard for you is easier said than done.. There's half a dozen options to pick from and they're all very different from eachother! Factors like price, diver experience required, facilities and overall vibe; vary massively
  2. The Great Barrier Reef's premier PADI Dive Centre & Liveaboard Operator. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most unique marine spectacles; A majestic aquatic wonderland perfect for scuba diving. Since 1983, Pro Dive Cairns has developed an international reputation for quality, professionalism, safety, and value
  3. Your adventure continues when you transfer to the Great Barrier Reef floating hotel, Reef Encounter at 3pm. Once onboard the liveaboard hotel, you will be given a vessel welcome and safety talk before being shown to your cabin at approximately 4pm. Please see the itinerary below for more information about our Great Barrier Reef Deal

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Budget Liveaboard Great Barrier Reef . The Great Barrier reef is world-renowned as an incredible diving destination. The best spots are the farthest, which makes it the perfect liveaboard destination! A budget liveaboard in Australia is the perfect occasion to dive this amazing living structure Seven Nights Diving the great barrier reef. Mike Ball's seven-night Coral Sea Safari liveaboard, includes some of the best dive sites on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea featuring a spectacular dive at Challenger Bay, diver sized fish at the Cod Hole, plummeting Coral Seawall dives in gin clear water, exciting shark action at North Horn, exploration of Lizard Island and more Mike Ball 4 Night coral sea liveaboard. On this fantastic four-day dive adventure trip you will travel 120km beyond the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy the Coral Sea's average visibility of 40m, glide along plummeting walls and witness exciting shark action Liveaboard Diving on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Mike Ball Dive Expeditions provides world class diving on the Great Barrier Reef and in the Coral Sea. Expeditions depart from Cairns aboard Spoilsport, Australia's most awarded liveaboard dive boat Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Cairns, Queensland Cairns' #1 rated liveaboard - Unbeatable quality & value. Scuba or snorkel the best Outer Reefs. from $ 490. Book. Close Add to Cart Book Now. Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Accommodations Twin Share. 2 x Single beds, en-suite cabin. Share with another guest $ 490

Great Barrier Reef diving options include a day boat, a liveaboard, staying on an island or efficient combinations of the above. This section gives a comparison of scuba diving Great Barrier Reef from the southern islands of Lady Elliot , Heron , Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays , Townsville, to Fitzroy Island , Cairns and Port Douglas DISCOUNT LIVEABOARD Stay on the Great Barrier Reef snorkeling deal, 2 days 1 night 'Great Barrier Reef Deal' $ 450. Book Read more. Stateroom Liveaboard. Cairns' #1 rated liveaboard, unbeatable on service & value. Visit the best Outer Reefs scuba diving or snorkeling. from $ 490 Liveaboard Trips Stay on the Great Barrier Reef and see it at its best - day and night. Snorkelers, divers and those just wishing to stay on a floating hotel can travel on a reef liveaboard tour. An excellent alternative to shore-based holidays, liveaboard cruises are one of the unique reef encounters in Australia

Depending on the length of your trip, all other dives you do will be fun dives on the Great Barrier Reef - it is common for scuba divers to stay onboard longer and spread the advanced training dives out with fun dives in between *Depth limit quoted applies to adult divers over 15 years old Cairns Liveaboard Dive Trips with Spirit of Freedom. Want to spend more time on the reef? Spirit of Freedom offers luxurious 3, 4 and 7 day Great Barrier Reef liveaboard dive trips departing Cairns every Monday and Thursday. These trips are ideal for divers wanting to spend more time on the reef, exploring the far northern Ribbon Reefs, world famous Cod Hole and Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea You may go snorkelling on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch. Your adventure continues when you transfer to the Great Barrier Reef floating hotel, Reef Encounter at 3 pm. Once onboard the liveaboard hotel, you will be given a vessel welcome and safety talk before being shown to your cabin at approximately 4 pm

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef represents some of the finest and most exotic scuba diving and snorkelling in the world. Whether your interests lie with dive courses, diving and snorkelling day trips, live aboard cruises and extended diving expeditions to the Ribbon Reefs and Cod Hole, learning to dive, or advanced diver training for certified divers, North Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most unique experiences known to diver. Being the world's largest coral reef system - one that stretches for over 2,300km (1,400 miles) - an area so huge it can be seen from space, it is home to an insane variety of marine life from sharks, turtles, whales and manta rays to reef fish, macro life, seahorses and cephalopods

Liveaboard and Daintree rainforest package. See 2 World Heritage sites, so snorkeling or diving on the Great Barrier Reef and explore the amazing Daintree Our liveaboard website features the best liveaboard trips in Australia we specialise in Cairns liveaboard and Great Barrier Reef liveaboard, Whitsunday liveaboard tours the liveaboard tours we feature have all been tried and tested so that you can be well assured that the liveaboard tour you choose from our website will be the best on offer Dive the Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea. Experience world class liveaboard diving at Cod Hole, Osprey Reef, and the Ribbon Reefs on board Spirit of Freedom. Census Expedition / Other Trips Suspended. From 30 Nov - 4 December Spirit of Freedom will be embarking on an expedition to the Ribbon Reefs as part of the Great Reef Census

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This Great Barrier Reef liveaboard has only a maximum of 12 guests, so for those who want privacy on a budget, this is great for you. See 9 reefs on mornings or nights. Sleep under the starry sky and greet the morning with a breathtaking Coral Sea sunrise. Get to see fish, dolphins, corals, and whales of the Great Barrier Reef with Coral Sea. 3 nights Great Barrier Reef liveaboard accommodation onboard 'Spirit of Freedom'. 2½ dive days* Up to 11 scuba dives with no set limits on dive duration. A low level reef flight from Lizard Island return to Cairns. Bus transfers to and from Cairns City accommodation Great Barrier Reef Tours Sailing Liveaboard . Our highest recommendation to guests who wish to see the best on a Great Barrier Reef tour is to always book an overnight liveaboard dive and sail tour in the Whitsunday Islands, Townsville or in Cairns if time permits as your fully crewed sail boat visits so many more wonderful coral reefs over a few days which enables you to see so much more. The cheapest liveaboard Great Barrier Reef will be as stunning as the most expensive, as they're on the same reef. These include the Coral Sea Dreaming, Pro Dive Cairns - M/V ScubaPro I,II or III, Ocean Quest Liveaboard and the Rum Runner Liveaboard, Australia

Mike Ball Coral Sea Safari. Mike Ball's Coral Sea Safari liveaboard includes some of the best dive sites on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. From a spectacular dive at Challenger Bay, diver sized fish at the Cod Hole, plummeting Coral Seawall dives in gin clear water, exciting shark action at North Horn, exploration of Lizard Island and more Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Australia's luxury floating hotel 'Reef Encounter' on the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns best liveaboard 'Reef Encounter' - surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef - is one of the most unique holiday escapes in Australia

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Excellent Diving and liveaboard destination. Amazing spot for Big fishes, Sharks, superb coral and underwater photography. Most popular place in the World to learn scuba diving in Cairns. One of the best dive sites in the World with the Yongala Wreck! - Diving Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Full Review & Tips Reef Encounter - Great Barrier Reef 2 Day / 1 Night Liveaboard Diving & Snorkelling Excursion Destination: Outer Barrier Reef, including Norman, Saxon, Michaelmas & Hastings Reefs Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night (includes option to add additional nights Reef Encounter offers superb facilities by which to stay out on the Great Barrier Reef on an overnight liveaboard vessel Scuba Diving Liveaboard Trips. Cairns based Reef Encounter offers outstanding scuba diving trips to the Outer Barrier Reef. Reef Encounter is an Scuba Schools International (SSI) Diamond Facility so you can be sure that this trip is World Class offering the very best scuba diving experience on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

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Reef Encounter liveaboard snorkel tours offer superb snorkel experiences to people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an experienced snorkeler or are new to this activity, the Reef Encounter team guarantee you a fun and safe way to explore Australia's Great Barrier Reef. No experience necessar Great Barrier Reef Facts. The Great Barrier Reef is this planets' largest living organism and the only living organism visible from Space! It is located in the Coral Sea off the East Coast of Australia, Queensland, and is a treasured UNESCO World Heritage-listed site.. We have a passion for showing you Australia's Great Barrier Reef and, as locals, have all the information to help you plan. Due to the remote nature of the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, and other diving destinations, the liveaboard cruises in Australia do not provide wi-fi service, except for one or two that visit Cairns' Outer Barrier Reef. Codes of Behaviour. Tipping and bargaining in Australi Outer Barrier Reef Liveaboard Trips. The sub seascape on the Outer Reef Sites differs from site to site. Many sites have large walls where huge schools of pelagics cruise by effortlessly. These reefs are also ideal for night diving, as experienced divers will tell you a site looks totally different at night

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Cairns Australia liveaboard dive trip departs daily except for Tuesday. These specialised liveaboard dive boats cater for all your diving, accommodation and meals for the 3 day duration. Cairns is the best city in Australia to access the Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard diving destination Cairns. The Red Sea, the Med, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Belize and the Great Barrier Reef represents the best and most frequent destinations for Liveaboard diving. The majority of the Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard diving is centred around Cairns The Outer Barrier Reef locations we visit include Norman Reef, Saxon Reef and Hastings Reef which are all suitable for both snorkelers and divers. Across the 3 locations we have access to over 18 unique reef moorings. Refitted in 2020, Ocean Quest is the perfect choice for your next liveaboard reef experience

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Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Diving. Australia's best Great Barrier Reef liveaboard scuba diving trip departures are from Cairns or Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays. For information about transport to these destinations se Getting to Cairns or Getting to Airlie Beach.. Airlie Beach Departure Reef Encounter is a Diamond Dive Centre - the highest rating of SSI Dive Facilities. We specialise in offering scuba enthusiasts outstanding dive liveaboard tours to the pristine Outer Great Barrier Reefs, as well as offering scuba training courses from beginner to dive professional level Cod Hole and Ribbon Reef Cost and Inclusions. Liveaboard dive trips to the Cod Hole & Ribbon Reefs are generally more expensive than Cairns Outer Great Barrier Reef trips. This is due to the distance travelled and the inclusion of a scenic low-level flight, which is an attraction in its own right

The Best Liveaboards in the Great Barrier Reef Diviac

A liveaboard is a perfect way to truly enjoy the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It's almost without a doubt that every diver has the Great Barrier Reef on their bucket list. One of the locations where liveaboards leave out of is Cairns, Australia Spoilsport liveaboard is a custom-built 30 meter long boat that can comfortably accommodate up to 29 divers in a selection of 15 well-equipped cabins.. Want a unique whale watching experience? Come on board this amazing ship, owned by the famous Mike Ball and the only liveaboard with Minke whale watching permits. Along with diving some of the best spots of the Great Barrier Reef, if you wish.

6 Trips in the Great Barrier Reef PADI Trave

Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard & Kuranda. Reef Liveaboard and Kuranda village package. See the Great Barrier Reef, go snorkeling or diving and experience an awesome day trip to Kuranda village. from $ 74 Great Barrier Reef Tours Snorkel & Dive Tours . Book a Great Barrier Reef tour to dive and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas, Cairns, or the Whitsundays and see for yourself the magnificent corals and marine life that Sir David Attenborough says is home to the place that has the most amazing coral reefs in the world and that it is his most favourite place on the planet Spend the night on the Great Barrier Reef on board a liveaboard boat for the ultimate reef experience. These tours are longer than most overnight trips, where you can spend up to 4 nights at sea, giving you the most time to explore. This is a great opportunity for those who want to see the Great Barrier Reef at length and immerse themselves into the world's greatest natural wonder

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Great Barrier Reef Scuba Dive Scuba Dive one of the World's Natural Wonders. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia is approximately 347 800 sq. kilometres in area - that's bigger than Great Britain, Holland & Switzerland combined. It extends from the top of Queensland near Port Douglas to just north of Fraser Island Destinations: Australia - Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Spirit of Freedom (Liveaboard Dive Boat) Activities: Scuba Diving, Iconic Landmarks, Beaches, Great Barrier Reef, Rainforest, Snorkeling, Local Markets, Rest & Relaxation Tour Type: Independent Travel Class: 3 - 4 star Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard and Rainforest. It all Starts in Cairns! Home to Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the oldest living Rainforest in the World the Daintree Rainforest. Experience two World Heritage Sites with this Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard & Daintree Rainforest package The Great Barrier reef is world-renowned as an incredible diving destination. The best spots are the farthest, which makes it the perfect liveaboard destination! A luxury liveaboard in Australia is sure to meet, if not exceed, any expectation you might have

| The Tour Specialists CairnsAustralia Diving Holidays: Great Barrier Reef - FrequentlyAustralia Seven Day Scuba Dive Course | Real Gap Experience

Great Barrier Reef Dive Sites. Great Barrier Reef diving doesn't need any introduction, as one of the most famous scuba-diving destinations on earth. And for good reasons. Our liveaboard with TAKA 2 allowed us to see some of the best sites scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Ribbon Reefs. The Ribbon Reefs include ten separate reefs. In this video, we explain the best way to choose a liveaboard dive expedition on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Based on your scuba diving abilities, diving certification level (i.e. Open. • Outer Barrier Reef. You can hop on board a Cairns Great Barrier Reef liveaboard cruise any day of the week, although these trips are very popular, so booking in advance is strongly recommended. You can take a 2, 3 or 4 night stay on these liveaboards and combine them with a dive course if you wish Liveaboard diving trips in the Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef, Australia - all you need to know about how to get there, best time to go & more travel information | Dive The Worl Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Stay on Reef Encounter. LIVING ON A BOAT DIVING EVERYDAY! Island hopping in Thailand! Similan Islands SCUBA dive Liveabaord - Duration: 11:41. Joey Adventure 1,443 view On the Great Barrier Reef try diving for the first time! Or if you are already Certified, explore the Great Barrier Reef with our dive team. If you would like to learn a little more about our beautiful reef, join us for an informative and fun Snorkel Safari. Unfortunately we do not offer Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses

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