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  1. The population numbers by religion are computed by a combination of census reports and population surveys (in countries where religion data is not collected in census, for example the United States or France), but results can vary widely depending on the way questions are phrased, the definitions of religion used and the bias of the agencies or organizations conducting the survey
  2. Population by religion, sex and urban/rural residence Search glossaries Source: Demographic Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division. Download Explore Select columns Select sort order Link to this page . Select filters: Country or Area (112) Albania Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda.
  3. This pie chart is based on statistics listing peoples self-admitted adherence to one of the major world religions, or to other faiths, or to people stating that they are of no religion. As you will see the pie chart only mentions percentages of the world's population whose religiously related self-admission places them in each category
  4. ation. About one third of the sample was asked more detailed demographic questions. Religious Self-Identification of the U.S. Adult Population: 1990, 2001, 200
  5. The immigrant population continued to grow and spread the Protestant religion which even became the official religion of the Virginia Colony. Small groups of people with slightly different beliefs than the Puritans continued to break away from that church and form their own communities and religious principles
  6. World Population World Population and top 20 Countries Live Clock. Population in the past, present, and future. Milestones. Global Growth Rate. World population by Region and by Religion. Population Density, Fertility Rate, Median Age, Migrants. All-time population total. Population by Countr

Religion in Australia is diverse. Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia of 1901 prohibits the Commonwealth government from establishing a church or interfering with the freedom of religion. In an optional question on the 2016 Census, 52.2% of the Australian population declared some variety of Christianity.Historically the percentage was far higher; now, the religious landscape of. Religion in France is diverse under secular principles. It can attribute its diversity to the country's adherence to freedom of religion and freedom of thought, as guaranteed by the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.The Republic is based on the principle of laïcité (or freedom of conscience) enforced by the 1880s Jules Ferry laws and the 1905 French law on the. Some Key Factors that Affect and Contribute to World Population Religion. Fertility. Factually, fertility difference between the world religions is one of the major factors behind the current population trend and will be significant for future development as seen in the World Population by Religion. Worldwide, Muslims have the most astounding fertility rate of any religious groups - a normal.

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Christians remained the largest religious group in the world in 2015, making up nearly a third (31%) of Earth's 7.3 billion people, according to a new Pew Research Center demographic analysis.But the report also shows that the number of Christians in what many consider the religion's heartland, the continent of Europe, is in decline While most countries in the world have no official religion, Sweden is in fact the only Nordic country without a state church, as Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland have all retained theirs. Around 58 per cent of the Swedish population are members of the Church of Sweden Ethiopia - Ethiopia - Religion: Christianity was introduced to Ethiopia in the 4th century, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (called Tewahdo in Ethiopia) is one of the oldest organized Christian bodies in the world. The church has long enjoyed a dominant role in the culture and politics of Ethiopia, having served as the official religion of the ruling elite until the demise of the monarchy in. Quoted in Religion Today's Current News Summary for 1999-OCT-19. 2000-JAN data from the Global Evangelization Movement as reported in ReligionToday. on 2000-JAN-10. Based on a total world's population of 6,091.351,000 people

The list of religious populations by number of adherents from 1945 to 2019. ***** I am a first year PhD student, data geek and I love visualizations. As alwa.. The followers of the Buddhist religion accounts for 6% of the population. Although only 2% are adherents of Christianity, it is becoming a popular alternative. Folk Salvationist adherents count as 2% of the Han Chinese population. The Islam faith has a mere 2% following among the Han Chinese in the country Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Statistics House, 21-Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad, Pakistan E-mail: pbs@pbs.gov.pkpbs@pbs.gov.p Population Growth rate of various religion has come down in the last decade (2001-2011). Hindu Population Growth rate slowed down to 16.76 % from previous decade figure of 19.92% while Muslim witness sharp fall in growth rate to 24.60% (2001-2011) from the previous figure of 29.52 % (1991-2001)

Indian population religion wise 2019 list with state wise Census of India Hindu population, Muslim population,Sikh,Christian,Buddhist and Jainism. The country in general has a population density of 4-16 people. Back in Mumbai, the population density is currently 21,000 people per square kilometer (54,000/square mile) Kristendomen är världens största religion med omkring 2,3 miljarder anhängare [].Kristendomen utgår från Jesus från Nasarets liv och lära som skildras i Nya testamentet, andra delen i Bibeln.Inom kristendomen anses Jesus vara Guds son The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1971, and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests Formula: (([Population ages 0-15] + [Population ages 65-plus]) ÷ [Population ages 16-64]) × 100 NOTE: Dependency Ratio does not take into account labor force participation rates by age group. Some portion of the population counted as working age may actually be unemployed or not in the labor force whereas some portion of the dependent population may be employed and not necessarily.

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The growing percentage of Australia's population reporting no religion has been a trend for decades, and is accelerating. Those reporting no religion increased noticeably from 19 per cent in 2006 to 30 per cent in 2016. The largest change was between 2011 (22 per cent) and 2016, when an additional 2.2 million people reported having no religion Islam is a religion that was started by the Prophet Muhammad in Arabia. Its teachings are found in the Quran, its most sacred text. Islam arrived in Kenya around the Eighth Century. At 9.9% of the population, the majority of Muslims in Kenya belong to the Sunni denomination in the Shafi School of jurisprudence Uganda - Uganda - Religion: Uganda's religious heritage is tripartite: indigenous religions, Islam, and Christianity. About four-fifths of the population is Christian, primarily divided between Roman Catholics and Protestants (mostly Anglicans but also including Pentecostals, Seventh-day Adventists, Baptists, and Presbyterians). About one-eighth of the population is Muslim World Map for all the major religion on Earth. Christianity covers 33% of total world population followed by Islam which covers 24.1%, Hinduism and Non-relig.. In the last two censuses, Jedi has been the most popular alternative religion with more than 390,000 people (0.7% of the population) describing themselves as Jedi Knights on the 2001 census

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The Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life seeks to promote a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs. The Pew Forum conducts surveys, demographic analyses and other social science research on important aspects of religion and public life in the U.S. and around the world Religion i Iran består främst av fem olika religioner. Det är Zoroastrism, judendom, kristendom, islam och baha'i.. Shiaislam gjordes till officiell religion av Safavidernas dynasti redan 1503. [1] Efter den iranska revolutionen 1979 blev det förbjudet att konvertera från islam eller att uppmuntra andra att konvertera från islam. [ Zoroastrism (även mazdaism efter namnet på guden Ahura Mazda), är en av världens äldsta monoteistiska [1] (alternativt monolatriska) religioner.Zoroastrismen grundades av den iranske filosofen och diktaren Zarathustra omkring år 1000 f.Kr. i nordöstra Iran (förmodligen i det historiska Khorasan).I Indien kallas religionen parsism eftersom anhängarna kom från Persien (fornpersiska.

Only 15% of U.S. adults surveyed expect that people with no religion will decline as a share of the global population by 2050. 13 Asked which group they expect to have the most adherents globally in 2050, Americans are closely divided among those who say religious nones (33%), Christians (32%) and Muslims (29%) At the census 2001, out of 1028 million population, little over 827 million (80.5%) have returned themselves as followers of Hindu religion, 138 million (13.4%) as Muslims or the followers of Islam, 24 million (2.3%) as Christians, 19 million (1.9%) as Sikh, 8 million (0.80%) as Buddhists and 4 million (0.4%) are Jain Religion in the United States is diverse with Christianity being the majority religion, although declining at rapid pace. Various religious faiths have flourished within the United States. Slightly over 50% of Americans report that religion plays a very important role in their lives, a proportion unique among developed countries. Freedom of religion in the United States is guaranteed in the.

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The population of India in 2019: When analyzing the latest data from the United Nations, the approximate population of India is 1, 357, 629, 428. The population of India is increasing at an alarming rate and that is why the country is known as the second most populous country in the world after China Ceci est une représentation graphique du nombre de personnes, au sein de la population française, appartenant au christianisme, à l'islam, au judaïsme, au bouddhisme, à l'hindouisme, aux religions populaires, à d'autres religions ou n'étant affiliés à aucune religion en 2020 Religion Census 2010 offers unique insight on US religious populations. Continues decennial series started in 1952; Provides data on specific religious bodies, from the Amana Church Society to Zoroastrians; Differentiates among specific bodies within same tradition; Features the only county-level data on U.S. religious adherenc Major religion(s): Country major religions. Muslim > Muslim percentage of total population: Muslim percentage (%) of total population 2014 Pew Report. Muslim > Muslim population: Muslim population 2014 Pew Report

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Population Of India. Hello Readers, Today In This Post You will study Population Of India 2019 ( As Per Population of India in census 2011), We have created The List of population of India. State Wise Population of India.Population of India By Religion.This Post Will Share Comparison Of Population Of India 2017 and Population Of India 2018 and Population Of India 2019 along with Total. Followers of Islam are referred to as Muslims. The Muslim population of the world is estimated at around 1.8 billion followers, making it the largest religion in the world after Christianity. While Muslims can be found in all corners of the world, some countries have larger Muslim populations than others Around 67.4% of the Spanish population identify as Roman Catholic Christians. The Christian religion has had a notable presence in Spain since the days the region was part of the Roman Empire. However, an Arab invasion in 711 AD left Islam as the ruling force and most widely practiced religion The corresponding growth rate for Islam is 1.84%, making it the religion with the highest growth rate over the period. As a percentage of the World Total, the Christian Population increased from 22.7% to 32.4%, with a projected figure of 33.8% for 2025

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  1. The population numbers by religion are computed by a combination of census reports and population surveys (in countries where religion data is not collected in census, for example the United States or France), but results can vary widely depending on the way questions are phrased, the definitions of religion used and the bias of the agencies or organizations conducting the survey
  2. This religion came into Nigeria as a result of immigration of Indians from India and also the missioners of Hare Krishna. Generally, there are 25,000 Hindus in the country. A large percentage of them live in Lagos. Chrislam is a mixture of Christianity and Islam. This religion refers to people that follow both the Bible and the Quran
  3. Data based on: CBS, Population Census; Population and Immigration Authority, Population Register. 1. Until 1995, before publication of the Census results, also included those not classified by religion at the Population Register
  4. 2020 India Population: By Religion, State Wise, Density, City Wise, and More details given here. India is going to conduct it's population counting marathon exercise in 2020 and data will be published in 2021. It is one of the largest population counting exercises in the world
  5. US United States Population Demographics Religion Percentage. Find US United States Population Demographics Religion Percentage. As of March 16, 2017, the United States has a total resident population of 324,700,000, making it the third most populous country in the world

no religion which grew by 73.6 per cent from 269,800 to 468,400, an increase of 198,600. Those with no religion now account for just under 10 per cent of the population (9.8%). Figure 8.1 Population classified by broad religion, 1991 to 2016 Table 8.1 Population by religion, 2011 and 2016 Religion 2011 2016 Percentage chang The non-religious edged out Catholics and Evangelicals in the long-running General Social Survey. The three groups remain within the margin of error of each other. Palestine, area of the eastern Mediterranean, comprising parts of modern Israel along with the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The strategic importance of the area is immense: through it pass the main roads from Egypt to Syria and from the Mediterranean to the hills beyond the Jordan River South Asia contains the largest population of Muslims in the world. One-third of Muslims are of South Asian origin. Pakistan is the second largest Muslim-majority country in terms of population in the world. Islam is the dominant religion in the Maldives, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. India is the country with the largest Muslim population outside Muslim-majority countries with about 200.

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The growth of the US Hispanic population is a direct result of increased immigration from Latin America to the United States in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries (Hoefer, M., et. al., 2011) and the Hispanic population having higher fertility rates than the non-Hispanic US population (Archibold, R. C., 2011) In Jammu and Kashmir, religion census 2011 provides good insight of current demography. As per census 2011, Muslim are majority in Jammu and Kashmir state. Muslims constitutes 68.31% of Jammu and Kashmir population. In all Muslim form majority religion in 17 out of 22 districts of Jammu and Kashmir state http://www.ted.com Hans Rosling had a question: Do some religions have a higher birth rate than others -- and how does this affect global population growth?. 20 Jan 2020. The base year of the World Religion Database has been updated from mid-2015 to mid-2020. This means that estimates for the number of religionists in every country of the world are now reconciled with the United Nations population projections for mid-2020

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Population of the Netherlands 2010-2018, by religion Population of the Netherlands 2018, by religion Confidence of Americans in organized religion from 1973-202 Islam is the world's second largest religion after Christianity, with approximately 1.5 billion adherents—nearly a quarter of the global population. Islam dominates the religious landscape of the Middle East, North Africa, and large parts of Asia. Though the Arab world is often.. This section presents statistics on the growth, distribution, and characteristics of the U.S. population. The principal source of these data is the U.S. Census Bureau, which conducts a decennial census of population, a monthly population survey, a program of population estimates and projections, and a number of other periodic surveys relating to population characteristics Indonesia Area and Population Density. Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands with over 1.9 million square miles of land,. About 56.7% of Indonesia's population lives on Java, the most populous island. The population density of Indonesia is currently at 140.08 individuals per square kilometer

Religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements. However, there is no scholarly consensus over what precisely constitutes a religion. Different religions may or may not contain various elements ranging from. Bahrain - Bahrain - Religion: The population is predominately Muslim and includes both the Sunni and the Shiʿi sects, with the latter in the majority. The ruling family and many of the wealthier and more influential Bahrainis are Sunni, and this difference has been an underlying cause of political and social tension. Christians constitute about half of the remaining one-fifth of the. Amerikas förenta stater (engelska: United States of America), eller i förkortad form Förenta staterna (engelska: United States), [2] på svenska vanligen kallat för USA eller Amerika [12], är en federal republik [13] [14] som består av 50 delstater, ett federalt distrikt och ett flertal olika självstyrande områden. [15] De fyrtioåtta angränsande delstaterna och det federala. You don't like organized religion: 36: 25: 37: 1: You aren't very religious: 33: 32: 33: 2: You haven't found a church or other place of worship that you like: 22: 24: 53: 1: You don't have the time: 19: 28: 52: 1: You aren't sure what religion is right for you: 17: 23: 59: 1: You don't like being asked for money when you attend: 16: 29: 55. Population by Religion, Borough Population by Religion, Borough. Office for National Statistics (ONS) Data Created 6 years ago, updated a year ago. Table showing the numbers and percentage of resident population (all ages) broken down into six faiths, plus no religion and any other religion. Data is taken from.

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Hinduism is the most common religion in India, accounting for about 80% of the population. Islam is the second-largest religion at 13% of the population. Other major religious groups in India are Christians (2.3%), Sikhs (1.9%), Buddhists (0.8%) and Jains (0.4%). People who claimed no religion are officially recorded under 'other' by the census Religion. Christians, primarily Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Presbyterian, account for about three-fifths of South Sudan's population. Christianity is a result of European missionary efforts that began in the second half of the 19th century. The remainder of the population is a mix of Muslims and those who follow traditional animist religions, the latter outnumbering the former

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Over the same period, there was a relatively small loss in the Muslim population due to religious switching - an estimated 160,000 more people switched their religious identity from Muslim to another religion (or to no religion) than switched into Islam from some other religion or no religion - although this had a modest impact compared with births, deaths and migration. Share of Islamic population in non-Muslim European, North American countries and Australia from 1945 to 2019. ***** I am a first year PhD student, data geek. Title: District-wise Population by Religion in Punjab. Description. The catalog contains the data related to number of hindu, sikh, muslim, christian and other religions population (rural and urban) in Punjab. Keywords. Population, Religion

TED: Ideas worth spreadin Religion's role in the global population crisis L e t t e r s 'To say that population is not a problem on a finite planet is ridiculous,' writes Katherine DelaNoy

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In 2016 Christian population is 2.07 billion and Muslims are 2.14 billion. We calculated on population data sheet of 2011 multiplying the growth rate such as Muslim 1.84% and Christianity 1.32% as found correctly from Carnegie Endowment for International Peace We Are Population Connection. Since 1968, Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has been America's voice for population stabilization—we are the largest grassroots population organization in the United States! As a 501(c)(3) charity, all donations made to us are tax-deductible This makes Christianity the world's largest religion. The world's Christian population is expected to grow to 2.9 billion in 2050. Nearly one-in-three people worldwide (31%) are expected to be Christian at mid-century, the same share as in 2010 According to their data, the Muslim population is growing at an accelerated rate, and will more than double from an estimated 3.45 million in 2017 to an estimated 8.1 million in 2050.In the. As of 2014 the population of japan 126,981,371 ranked number 10 as the highEst populatIon in the world. Indonesia has 250,585,668 people, ranked number four as the highest population in the woRlD. In japan the major Religions incluDe shintO, BUddHism, confucianism, christianity, And islam

Abstract: World religion data in this dataset is from the World Religion Database.The map shows the percentage of the majority religion by provinces/states and also included in the database is Christian percentage by provinces/states. Boundaries are based on Natural Earth, August, 2011 modified to match provinces in the World Religion Database Religion. Statistics on religion are compiled by the Singapore Department of Statistics based on data collected from the Census of Population and the General Household Survey. Publications and Methodology Visualising Data. Infographics. Highlights of General Household Survey 201 Population Primary Language Primary Religion Progress Scale % Christian Adherent % Evangelical Scripture Status Est. Workers Needed * A Che: China: 43,000 Ache: Ethnic Religions 0 ☀ 0.00 % 0.00 % 1 Translation Needed 1 A'ou: China: 2,800 Chinese, Mandarin: Ethnic Religions 0 ☀ 0.00 % 0.00 % 5 Complete Bible 1 Aari: Ethiopia: 474,000 Aari. Today's Message: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, & the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. Do you want to know which caste is powerful in tamilnadu and all major caste, religion percentage, future population and all other statistics? Here we have A to Z information for you. Table of Contents1 Tamil [ The share of the world's population that is Jewish - 0.2% - is expected to remain about the same in 2050 as it was in 2010. This estimate is based on the number of people who self-identify as Jewish when asked about their religion on national censuses and large-scale surveys

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In many parts of the world—sub-Saharan Africa in particular—religion is growing so fast that nones' share of the global population will actually shrink in 25 years as the world turns into. This makes Islam the world's second-largest religion. The number of Muslims around the world is projected to increase rapidly in the decades ahead, growing to nearly 2.8 billion in 2050. Muslims are expected to grow twice as fast as the overall global population Religion in the United States. Since the arrival of religious minorities in the colonial era, religion has played an important role in the history and daily life of the United States. Read more about the religions that have grown and spread throughout the U.S., and the most popular faiths today Population distribution in India by religion 2001-2011. Show all statistics (6) Demographics and religion Estimate for population growth in India 2010-2050 by religion. Share of. Population, Religion and Immigration. 25th July 2015; Comments (2) William D. Rubinstein. Many, perhaps most, of the difficulties and malaise currently being experienced by the West, including Australia, stem in large measure from two factors: the unprecedented increase in population in the Third World, and the replacement of secular.

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Övriga religioner omfattar totalt knappt en procent av befolkningen. Runt fem procent av invånarna tillhör inget statsbidragsberättigat trossamfund eller livssynsorganisation. [50] Historia. Norge omdanades 1536/1537. 1569 bestämdes att endast protestanter fick vistas i landet For most Indians, faith is important: In a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, eight-in-ten Indians said religion is very important in their lives. Here are five facts about religion in India: 1 India's massive population includes not only the vast majority of the world's Hindus, but also the second-largest group of Muslims within a single country, behind only Indonesia Capital Beijing Population (2010) 1,341,340,000 Annual population growth rate (2000-2010) 0.6% Population gain (2000-2010) 72,218,000 GDP per capit The statistic shows the religious affiliation of the population in the United States in 2017, by age

Population, total from The World Bank: Data. Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus) Census of Population 2010 Singapore Census of Population 2010, Statistical Release 1: Demographic Characteristics, Education, Language and Religion Jan 201 In the latest population census data, 87 percent of Indonesians declared themselves to be Muslim, followed by 9.87 percent who were Christian Population estimates by religion. The ONS recognises data on religion are not routinely collected on surveys or reported on. We have committed to work cross-governmentally to explore how the data needs of religious communities could be better met Muslim religion data of all states as per Census 2011 figures. Complete Data of all religions and comparision in each state

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By 2050, the share of the continent's population that is Muslim could more than double, rising to 11.2% or more, depending on how much migration is allowed into Europe. Even in the unlikely event that future migration is permanently halted, the Muslim population still would rise to an estimated 7.4%, due to the relative youth and high fertility rates of Europe's current Muslim residents Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs. 3307 M Street NW, Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20007 Phone: 202-687-5119 Fax: 202-318-0747. Email: berkleycenter@georgetown.edu Stay Updated. Sign up for our newsletter and event information POPULATION BY RELIGION * Refers to a very small proportion. Title: POPULATION BY RELIGION.xlsx Author: Ehtesham Created Date: 4/1/2013 1:44:14 PM. Notes: Note 1: Persons with no formal, organized religion include Agnostics, Atheists, Deists, freethinkers, humanists, secularists, etc.Their numbers are growing in Europe, North America, and other places. With the collapse of Communism in the USSR, the total numbers worldwide dropped precipitously and are now increasing

And in the decades since 1945, the Jewish population in Europe has continued to decline. In 1960, it was about 3.2 million; by 1991, it fell to 2 million, according to DellaPergola's estimates. Now, there are about 1.4 million Jews in Europe - just 10% of the world's Jewish population, and 0.2% of Europe's total population Religion (from the Latin Religio, meaning 'restraint,' or Relegere, according to Cicero, meaning 'to repeat, to read again,' or, most likely, Religionem, 'to show respect for what is sacred') is an organized system of beliefs and practices revolving around, or leading to, a transcendent spiritual experience.There is no culture recorded in human history which has not practiced some form of. Analysis of the religious affiliation of the population of the Australia in 2016 compared to Greater Capital Cities shows that there was a lower proportion of people who professed a religion and a similar proportion who stated they had no religion. Overall, 60.4% of the population nominated a religion, and 29.9% said they had no religion. The survey of 65 countries, conducted by Gallup International and the WI Network of Market Research, is based on 63,898 interviews. China tops the list of the world's least religious nations by. Alors que 70 % de la population française est baptisée, le pays compte parmi les moins « religieux » au monde et les plus athées (plusieurs sondages estiment que 40 % des Français se considèrent comme athées ce qui place la France à la quatrième place mondiale, et que la part de Français ne s'identifiant à aucune religion s'établit. Population As of 30th June 2019, Liechtenstein had a total of 38,557 inhabitants. Around two thirds (66.3%) were born in Liechtenstein; a fifth of the population (19.4%) living in the country comes from other German-speaking countries (9.7% from Switzerland, 5.8% from Austria and 3.9% from Germany)

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